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Our Pricing

Our Pricing Philosophy

We try to keep things SIMPLE, TRANSPARENT, AND FAIR.  For most household Junk you can simply text us at 503-662-2234 or email us at a photo of your Junk for an exact price quote.  NO ONE likes surprise price increases!  For the larger jobs, we charge based on how much of our large 30 Yard Box Truck we can fill up. We’ve found this often keeps it simple and saves our customers money. Disposing of Hazardous or Heavy materials may be extra due to the cost and labor to dispose of them. Below is our Pricing for Small Jobs, Large Jobs, and Odd Jobs. 

(Typically $90-$350)

90 Min Photo

Only have a few smaller items? Our Minimum Pick-Up Charge is $90

Small Pile

That junk starting to pile up? Small piles are typically $100-$200

Small Pile 2

Now we're talking! Medium sized piles are typically $200-$350

(Typically $350+)


We have large 30 Yard Box Trucks, that hold twice as much junk as those big junk guys.

Junk Removal Services in Sherwood, OR | Show Us Your Junk

You only pay for how much of our truck we can fill! We find this typically saves our customers lots of money.

Large Pile 2

These jobs are typically Hoarder Houses, Construction Sites, or just someone that's finally fed up with Junk everywhere.



We remove Rock, Gravel, Soil, and Sod for $500 per 2.5 Yard Trailer Full. (See Above Example)

Hot Tub

Finally ready to let go of that old nasty hot tub? Removal is typically between $300-$600.


Tired of hauling around that Piano every time you move? Removal is typically $400-$600

yard debri

Clean up the yard and need it all hauled away? We charge $40 per yard to dispose of yard waste.

Pool Table

We all know how difficult pool tables can be to remove. Removal is typically $500-$1,000


We can make sure those old cans of paint are disposed of properly for $5/gallon additional



Shed Demos are our specialty! Most sheds are between $500-$1,500 for removal


We love deck Demos! Pricing for Deck Demos typically start at $1,000. Call or text us for a free estimate.


Ready for a new fence? We can help get rid of that old one starting at only $20/foot.


Removing Concrete patios is a lot of work. We can help! We provide free estimates for concrete removal.


We can help with Demoing your oudated Bathroom Vanities or Kitchen Cabinets. Call for a free estimate!


Have Two 40' wooden boats under the Burnside Bridge? We've done that too! Call us today!

Above Pricing Estimates include local travel, ground level loading and disposal of most items. Further travel, removal from upstairs and disposal of heavy or potential hazardous materials may be extra. Just text or email us a photo of your junk for a fast, free, no-obligation, no-pressure estimate!

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Show Us Your Junk

Junk Removal Services in Sherwood, OR | Show Us Your Junk

We are specialists in junk removal services. We serve residents and Commercial business owners. You can count on us for all of your junk removal needs because:

Time-Saving Service

Our team always arrives on time because we know that your time is valuable

Skilled Team

With years of experience in the industry, our skilled team has become a trusted name in the community.

Reliable Service

Our expert team will safely and efficiently take your junk.

Environment Friendly

Show Us Your Junk specifically focuses on eco-friendly junk removal.

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Just Call or Text 503-662-2234 or Email for Your Instant Service Quote Today!

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We have built strong relationships with our customers based on reliability, transparency, and quality service.

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